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I am Laura Di Santo, an Alberta artist.  Art is my companion on my personal journey through life.

I  have used photography to document that journey and provide inspiration and subject matter for my paintings. Therefore, my photographs have been invaluable as reference material.  One of my objectives is to capture in my paintings all of the emotion and feeling evidenced in my photographs; this I consider a challenge as well as an inspiration.

Most of my paintings are rendered on canvas using acrylics, though I am equally at home using  water mixable oils and watercolours.  The genre of my  paintings is mainly realism though some are more impressionistic than others.  My paintings are done to tell a story or convey my reasons for wanting to paint a particular scene or impression.  At this point in my life, I want to become more self-aware and explore my changing feelings and emotions through abstract painting.  For this type of painting, I believe that my imagination would be the best reference material.

Some of my landscape paintings have been done by commission. I provide that service.

You are invited to check out my paintings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed producing them.





Comments invited (frankness and civility appreciated)